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• Audit Services
Is carrying out and performing audit activities in the areas referred to hereabove, in compliance with International Audit Standards.
• Tax Advisory Services
Generating solutions to companies within scope of taxation and full approval, and thereby aiming to enhance financial efficiency.
• Internal Audit Services
Is as well providing consultancy services in the field of internal auditing to meet requirements of the clients.
• Accounting and Financial Consultancy Services
Services are provided in such fields as keeping of the accounting records by our outsourcing department, providing in a timely manner such accounting and legal processes related thereto with respect to the field of consultancy towards local and foreign companies alike.
• Due Diligence Auditing Services
Included under the working details with respect to due diligence, also referred to as comprehensive risk audit in financial, taxation-related, and legal matters applicable by potential buyers both domestic as well as otherwise, to targeted enterprises, are carried out and realized under the headings of;
• Corporate Finance Services
Erler Denetim ( Auditing ) is providing services on corporate finance as well as corporation-related �organizing .
• Human Resources Consultancy Services
Erler Denetim ( Auditing ) is providing an effective service to its clients in such matters concerning Human Resources Consultancy and payroll generation.
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